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The Shady Dell

The Shady Dell has been selected by Darn Good Digs as one of the best locally-owned hotels for budget-minded travelers!

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Darn Good Digs Review - Editors' Choice

Bisbee, Arizona: The Shady Dell
Nominated By: Amanda, Dallas, Texas, November '11

Price Range: US$55-$145 # of Rooms: 11 Kid-Friendly: Yes

What makes The Shady Dell so Darn Good? Each vintage trailer at the fabulous Shady Dell is decked out in a retro theme, complete with authentic interiors, period tableware, and mid-century appliances. Over the years, we have stayed in four trailers, each one as cool as the other. We always have fun looking in the trailer drawers and cabinets to see what treasures - old yearbooks, magazines, board games, even packets of 1950’s hosiery - are waiting to be discovered.

Location: The Shady Dell is a couple of miles outside Bisbee, one of southern Arizona’s original copper-mining towns, now home to a laid-back arts and restaurant scene. Bisbee is also worth the trip for a tour of the Copper Queen Mine or a visit to the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum.

Rooms: The Shady Dell has nine vintage trailers, a 1957 Tiki-themed Airporter bus, and a 1947 Chris Craft Yacht. The Polynesian El Rey, the Vegas-themed Airfloat, and all the rest brim with authentic details of days gone by. Sit back and soak up the 50’s era radio broadcasts on your AM radio or watch a Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz flick on your black and white television set. Have some coffee from your electric percolator in a melamine mug or learn to tap dance from a book. There’s so much to do at the Shady Dell, and that’s without even stepping out of your trailer!

Food: Cooking is not allowed in the trailers, but Shady Dell has placed several charcoal grills in the central courtyard – perfect for a cookout and a great opportunity to hang out with your neighbors. For picnic provisions, head to Old Bisbee’s High Desert Market and Café where you’ll find gourmet groceries, organic produce, and locally brewed beer.

Vibe: The Shady Dell has a real sense of community. One night, we had an impromptu picnic with a German mother-daughter duo checked into the El Rey. We had a blast drinking their Icelandic Schnapps and talking for hours. Jen and Justin, the Shady Dell’s on-site owners, are super fun too and helpful if you need them.

Keep in Mind: The trailers are diverse in size and amenities, so check out the online photos and descriptions before making a reservation. In particular, keep in mind that only one trailer has a full bath, most have toilets and sinks, and all are within easy walking distance to the shared bathroom facilities. Also, we are sad to say that the on-site Dot’s Diner is closed.
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