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The Beehive

The Beehive has been selected by Darn Good Digs as one of the best locally-owned hotels for budget-minded travelers!

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Darn Good Digs Review - Editors' Choice

The Beehive, Rome, Italy
Nominated By: Jamie, Brooklyn, NY, May '08

Price Range: 20-100 Euros # of Rooms: 19 private rooms (including 8 off-site) + 1 dorm Kid-Friendly: Yes

What makes The Beehive so Darn Good? We LOVE the Beehive. It's modern, cool, comfortable, and has a beautiful outdoor garden. The Beehive is just a few blocks from the main train station, the Stazione Termini, so with a snap of your fingers you can get just about anywhere in Rome.

Location: While the Termini neighborhood may not be Rome's most exciting, you can still find some restaurants and outdoor cafes. The neighborhood felt safe and the Beehive staffs its reception until 11pm.

Rooms: The hotel has eleven private rooms and a dormitory on-site, along with eight additional guestrooms with self-catering facilities off-site. The rooms are not lavish, but they are modern and colorful with some funky furniture and great artwork on the walls. Some rooms do not have en-suite bathrooms, but the shared bathrooms are very nice and clean, and there was never a wait.

Food: The Beehive Cafe serves Mediterranean-inspired, vegetarian meals for breakfast daily, Sunday brunch, and snacks and drinks throughout the day. The kitchen uses local and organic ingredients and offers a selection of organic wines. Guests can eat inside, or outside in the garden.

Vibe: The Beehive is a very relaxing and easy going place to wind down after a day of sight-seeing. We enjoyed just hanging out in the garden with good books until dinner. The owners, Linda and Steve, are a friendly and down-to-earth American couple who were always happy to chat with us and give us tips on things to do in Rome.

Things to Keep in Mind: Call way in advance to make a reservation because The Beehive books up quickly.

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