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Pouso do Tapaceiro

Pouso do Tapaceiro has been selected by Darn Good Digs as one of the best locally-owned hotels for budget-minded travelers!

Pouso do Tapaceiro Pouso do Tapaceiro Pouso do Tapaceiro Pouso do Tapaceiro

Darn Good Digs Review - Editors' Choice

Pouso do Tapaceiro, Gamboa Beach, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Nominated By: Alison McGowan at Hidden Pousadas, August '10

Price Range: # of Rooms: 7 Kid-Friendly: yes

What makes the Pouso do Tapaceiro so Darn Good? This wonderful pousada is owned and managed by Henrique, a nuclear engineer turned tapestry artist. His atelier, which doubles as the TV room, is an amazing space full of looms, wall hangings, and rugs. Here you can see what a true artist can achieve using almost entirely recycled materials such as rubbish, leftover fabrics, and beach detritus, and even learn some of his techniques in an on-site hand weaving workshop.

Location: The Pouso do Tapeceiro is located up a short hill just as you come into Gamboa, a small fishing village in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. The pousada is ninety kilometers south of Santa Catarina’s capital, Florianopolis, and fifteen kilometers north of Garopaba, a small beach resort town. The area is renowned for its natural beauty and offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, beach-going, bird watching, and whale watching from July to October.

Rooms: The pousada’s seven light and airy rooms are set in a fabulous tropical garden with a swimming pool and views to the sea or surrounding countryside. Each room has something different to meet your needs; some have their own kitchens, some have separate bedrooms or bunk beds for kids, and some have just a double bed. All have en-suite bathrooms.

Food: Guests can cook for themselves, or the pousada will provide meals at an extra cost. Gamboa has one restaurant, Dezinha's, which serves simple Brazilian fare and a few bars serving shrimp skewers and other snacks.

Vibe: Henrique's idea is that you should feel entirely at home, which means you may well have to make your own bed, bring your own soap, and ask for new sheets and towels as needed. On the flip side, you can totally relax here - cook in the apartment, borrow a DVD to watch a film, or just chill out by the pool. As for exploring the area, just tell Henrique what you want to do, and he will try to organize it.

Keep in Mind: Pouso do Tapaceiro is indeed a hidden place, and getting here without a car may be a challenge, but is not impossible.

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