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Lebanon Schoolhouse Bed and Breakfast

Lebanon Schoolhouse Bed and Breakfast has been selected by Darn Good Digs as one of the best locally-owned hotels for budget-minded travelers!

Darn Good Digs Review - Editors' Choice

Lebanon Schoolhouse Bed & Breakfast, Dolores, Colorado
Nominated By: Allison and Michael, Brooklyn, New York, September '10

We are sad to announce that the Lebanon Schoolhouse B&B is closed. It was one of our all-time favorite places to stay.

Price Range: US$95-$135 (breakfast included) # of Rooms: 5 Kid-Friendly: yes

What makes the Lebanon Schoolhouse Bed and Breakfast so Darn Good? This beautifully renovated 1907 Schoolhouse is on the National Registry of Historic Places, and we enjoyed relaxing on its huge porch taking in the views of the countryside and big mountains in the distance. Laura, the owner, made our whole family feel right at home, especially our home-sick four year old boy. She filled up a baby pool for him to swim in, took him out to walk her dog, and showed him the chickens out back.

Location: Lebanon is a small hamlet in the Four Corners region of Southwest Colorado thirty minutes from Mesa Verde, a National Park that protects over 4,000 known archeological sites, including 600 cliff dwellings belonging to Ancestral Puebloan people. The Anasazi Heritage Center, a hands-on museum dedicated to Ancestral Puebloan culture, is just a ten minute drive from the Schoolhouse.

Rooms: The Schoolhouse has three rooms in the main house, the Recess, Art Room, and Bell Tower, one in the carriage house, the Social Study, and one cottage, the Teachery. Two rooms are pet friendly, two share a bathroom, and one has a bathroom across the hall. We stayed in the Teachery, a super-comfortable and private cottage just outside the main house which was built in 1920 as a home for the teacher.

Food: Breakfast at the Schoolhouse is awesome. On day one, we had fresh eggs with cheese and ham on croissants, and on day two, we had chocolate waffles with fresh whipped cream and cherry sauce. Yum! For dinner, we dug the Dolores Brewing Company where we relaxed with some home-brews, pizza, and the band out back.

Vibe: The Schoolhouse is easygoing and family-friendly, but also attracts couples looking for a country escape in the fascinating Four Corners area. In addition to being an excellent cook, Laura is a licensed massage therapist.

Keep in Mind: Lebanon Schoolhouse is at a small crossroads in the middle of farm country, and the closest restaurants and stores are ten minutes away in the towns of Dolores and Cortez.

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