Jake's Resort in Treasure Beach, Jamaica was nominated by travelers from Brooklyn, New York, USA as one of their all-time favorite places to stay.


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Jake's Resort, Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Nominated By: Allison and Michael, Brooklyn, NY, February '08

Price Range: US$95-$950 # of Rooms: 26 Kid-Friendly: Yes

What makes Jake’s so Darn Good? Jake's cottages are supremely funky, and most overlook the beautiful rocky shoreline. We dug the outdoor restaurant which serves delicious Jamaican dishes, as well as the mellow bar adjoining the pool. Somehow Jake’s manages to be ultra-cool and family friendly at the same time. Jake’s is owned by the family of Perry Henzell who produced and directed the ‘70’s cult movie “The Harder They Come”.

Location: Jake’s is located in Treasure Beach on the south coast of Jamaica, 2 ˝ hours from Montego Bay. Treasure Beach is a little fishing village and has some laid-back guesthouses and restaurants. An awesome thing to do while chilling out at Jake’s is to take a 20 minute boat ride to Pelican Bar, a little drinking establishment standing on stilts on a sandbar in the sea.

Rooms: We stayed in Abelone 2. It wasn't super fancy, but it was oh so fun. The cottage was pink and had a giant window that opened up so we could just lie in bed in the shade and watch the waves. All of Jake's cottages have whimsical designs, are painted in vibrant colors, and are decked out with private deck chairs.

Food: Jake’s has two restaurants on site. We tended to eat at the restaurant by the pool, which was just delightful. The servers were very friendly and the Jamaican food was healthy, fresh, and reasonably priced. Jake’s other restaurant, Jack Sprat, serves up pizza by the pie.

Vibe: Jake’s is super mellow, friendly, and hip. Many kids were running around when we were there, yet there were also many hipsters hanging out at the bar.

Things to Keep in Mind: Jake’s has a couple of pleasant beaches, but you shouldn't expect sparkling white sand. But really, who cares, you’re at Jake’s! Some of the less expensive rooms have garden, not sea views.

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