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Catalina Park Inn Bed and Breakfast

Catalina Park Inn Bed and Breakfast has been selected by Darn Good Digs as one of the best locally-owned hotels for budget-minded travelers!

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Darn Good Digs Review - Editors' Choice

Catalina Park Inn Bed and Breakfast, Tucson, Arizona
Nominated By: Allison and Michael, Brooklyn, NY, February '08

Price Range: US$109-$189 (breakfast included) # of Rooms: 6 Kid-Friendly: Children over 10

What makes Catalina Park Inn so Darn Good? The Catalina Park Inn is a grand and immaculately restored 1920s era house located in a charming historic district. The friendly innkeepers, Mark and Paul, make a fabulous breakfast, and the dining room is bright and cheerful. We particularly loved sitting in the prickly, yet very soothing, cactus garden alongside the house.

Location: The Catalina Park Inn is located on a quiet residential street in the West University Historic district of Tucson. The Inn is within walking distance to many restaurants, cafes, and boutique shops. We managed to catch some live music at a cafe right down the street.

Rooms: Four rooms are in the main house and two are in a cottage bordering the cactus garden. In the main house, the two upstairs rooms have private porches, and the Catalina room (where we stayed) on the lower level has a big whirlpool bath located in a cedar-lined closet. The Catalina room is big and gorgeous, filled with beautiful furniture and artwork in all shades of yellow and blue. This room is no longer in the Darn Good Digs price range, but it is definitely worth the splurge!

Food: During our stay, breakfast at the communal table was always a festive occasion. The food was abundant, fresh, and delicious, and the southwestern flavors were an exciting bonus. Some house specialties include papaya and lime scones, lemon ricotta pancakes, and spicy buttermilk coffee cake.

Vibe: Mark and Paul were very welcoming, and we especially loved how they set out a plate of freshly baked cookies every evening. We truly appreciated the warmth and relaxed atmosphere of such an impeccably kept and beautiful bed and breakfast.

Things to Keep in Mind: The Catalina Park Inn is not in walking distance to downtown, but it is just a few minutes drive away. Also, while the inn's website states that they allow children over 10 years old, they welcomed our 7 month old.

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