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Beyin Beach Resort

Beyin Beach Resort has been selected by Darn Good Digs as one of the best locally-owned hotels for budget-minded travelers!

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Darn Good Digs Review - Editors' Choice

Beyin Beach Resort, Beyin, Ghana
Nominated By: Matt Beatty, Provo, Utah, December '09

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Price Range: # of Rooms: 7 Kid-Friendly: yes

What makes the Beyin Beach Resort so Darn Good? Gorgeous and tidy, the Beyin Beach Resort has oceanside bungalows with doors that open wide to the sea. Seashells and sand dollars wash up all day, and an abandoned 18th century fort, Fort Apollonia, lies a few hundred yards down the beach in Beyin, where young boys play football nearby.

Location: The small resort sits in a coconut grove alongside a beautiful white sand beach on the Atlantic coast of southwestern Ghana. Six hours from Accra, the tiny beachside village of Beyin is close to the famous Nzulezo Stilt Village and the Ankasa Nature Reserve.

Rooms: The resort has four "luxury" chalets with flush toilets (royalty in Ghana!) and wide bamboo doors that open out to the ocean, as well as three "economy" rooms with a shared bath. We slept soundly to the swishing of the sea all night.

Food: An open-air restaurant serves delicious traditional Ghanaian dishes, as well as standard American and Italian staples.

Vibe: Beyin Beach Resort is mellow and low-key, and Patrick and Nina, its proprietors, are kind and soft-spoken. In an effort to raise awareness and provide protection for the endangered marine turtles that nest along the shore, they have joined with local fishermen to found the Beyin Turtle Conservation Project . From August through March, guests who book a "Turtle Conservation Holiday" can assist in the gathering and re-nesting of eggs, the monitoring of hatcheries, and the releasing of baby turtles into the sea.

Keep in Mind: Definitely keep the doors open at night. Nothing beats the curtains billowing in the sea breeze. Also, ask to eat breakfast or lunch in the small concrete "room" down *in* the beach.

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