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Apartment Espoir

Apartment Espoir has been selected by Darn Good Digs as one of the best locally-owned hotels for budget-minded travelers!

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Traveler Favorite

Marisule, Castries, St. Lucia: Apartment Espoir
Nominated By: B. Gibbons, Regina, Saskatchewan, March '12

Price Range: US$78-$198 # of Rooms: 11 Kid-Friendly: yes

What makes Apartment Espoir so Darn Good? "Location, location, location. Enjoy a spectacular view from your own terrace. Walk five minutes one way and live like a rich tourist on an exclusive beach. Walk five minutes the other way and live like a local, shopping and eating with wonderful friendly St. Lucians."

Location: "A quiet location in Marisule Estate in St. Lucia. A short walk down to the beach, close to public transportation and shopping."

Rooms: "The self-catering rooms are clean and comfortable with air conditioning in the bedrooms, ceiling fans, well equipped kitchens, and good sized terraces with views. The grounds resemble a botanical garden surrounding a sparkling clean pool."

Food: "You can shop local markets and cook your own meals, dine at a nearby resort, or better yet try one of the local bar and grills."

Vibe: "Very laid back island vibe."

Keep in Mind: "This is a self-catering facility, not a full service hotel. The owners live on sight and will help with whatever they can. They arranged our airport transport, two tours, and were always around to answer our questions."

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