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Nuts Huts

Nuts Huts has been recommended by Nicole Simon of Cambridge, Massachusetts as one of her all-time favorite places to stay!

Traveler Favorite - June '09

Nuts Huts, Bohol, Visayas, Philippines

Why so darn good? "The motto of Nuts Huts is 'Go Native in a Great Place to Stay' and the Nuts Huts folks are true to their word. They market themselves as a 'laid-back centre for adventurous travelers, both keen on active life and relaxation.' During the day, you can take a jitney ride around the Island, maybe hike the Chocolate Hills, or paddle over to the tarsier monkey sanctuary. At night, chill out with an on-site massage and a fresh squeezed mango juice."

Location: "Nuts Huts is perched on a steep hill overlooking the Loboc River. It's off the main road, but you can also travel there by boat!!! "

Rooms: "The rooms are actually Nipa Huts, and they range in quality. I stayed in the cheapest room (I think it was a shared dorm-style) but there wasn't anyone else there to share with. There are nicer rooms."

Food: "Delicious. As one reviewer said 'the stairs are exhausting, but the food motivates the climb.'"

Vibe: "There are very few tourists in Bohol, but the out-there hippy travelers seem to find their way to the Nuts Huts. Folks hang out at night, drinking beer and playing games in the outdoor common area. It was a fun place to meet other travelers. This place has real character."

Keep in Mind: "This hotel is NOT handicap accessible. It's perched on a really steep hill, and you must walk up and down a giant staircase to get from your room to the "lobby" area. Also, bring hiking gear (including rain gear) and be ready for some mud. It's certainly a rugged place."

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