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Visiting Crater Lake, and Michael’s Top 5 Reasons Not to Stay at Crater Lake Lodge with a Three Year Old

One of my motivations in writing this post is just to have an excuse to show off that photograph above. I took it from the boat as we passed the side of Wizard Island, but I didn’t expect to get the lighting just right.
My other reason is to register a few complaints [...]

Oregon Sand Dunes Photos

We spent a month this summer exploring the Pacific Northwest, from Victoria down to the redwoods on the California border. One of our favorite places was the Oregon Sand Dunes on the south coast. All these pictures are from the John Dellenback Trail, a highway-to-ocean trail that crosses the widest patch of dunes along [...]

Roomless in Bend, Oregon

With colorful, city-themed rooms, a funky Statue of Liberty out front, and a hearty multi-course breakfast, all for $80 a night, the Mill Inn was definitely a contender for the coveted title of Darn Good Digs - that was, until the innkeeper sat down to breakfast with us.

We had spoken with Carol on the phone [...]

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