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Oregon Sand Dunes Photos

We spent a month this summer exploring the Pacific Northwest, from Victoria down to the redwoods on the California border. One of our favorite places was the Oregon Sand Dunes on the south coast. All these pictures are from the John Dellenback Trail, a highway-to-ocean trail that crosses the widest patch of dunes along the coast.

Climbing the Oregon Sand Dunes

Climbing the Oregon Sand Dunes

It almost looked like the deep Sahara as we climbed the sand and watched the wind erase our footprints.

Allison and Benjamin running in the dunes

Running on the Oregon Sand Dunes

Allison and Benjamin race across the top of the dunes.
Sitting on the Dunes

Sitting on the Dunes

Benjamin loved sliding down the dunes. Our only advice is make sure you empty out your cuffs before you get back in the car.

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