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18 January, 2010 (14:40) | Recommended Digs | By: darngooddigs

We are really pleased to feature one of Sherry Ott’s all-time favorite places to stay, the Ambassador Garden Home in Kathmandu, Nepal, as our fourth post in our guest travel writer and blogger series.  Sherry blogs at Otts World, a popular blog that she launched over three years ago when she quit her corporate Manhattan job to teach ESL in Vietnam and travel the world.  She has traveled extensively in Asia, and she selected a small hotel in Kathmandu as her Darn Good Digs.

What makes the Ambassador Garden Home so darn good? In the middle of the craziness of Thamel, Kathmandu’s tourist district, is this gem boutique hotel – a diamond in the ruff!  What makes staying here so unforgettable is the staff!  It feels as you are a member of their family.  The owner and manager both came out at night and sat with guests in the garden to eat dinner with them.   They walked around and introduced different sets of guests, creating this open communal feel at the hotel. 

Ambassador Garden Home

Location: Thamel is one of the busiest places in Kathmandu.  It is noisy, crowded, and dirty.  However, in the heart of the neighborhood is the Ambassador Garden Home, located at one of the main intersections of Thamel.  It’s set back from the road, and once you step into their ‘grounds’ you are immediately transported to a peaceful environment – a safe haven from the craziness of Kathmandu.

Room: The rooms are modern and decorated with class.  The whole hotel underwent a major renovation lately.  They have infused cultural and family relics throughout the decor.  The garden in the back is one of the highlights.  Surrounded by a classic brick fence, you feel like it’s your own little oasis.  You can eat out in the garden or simply relax with a book, with the fountain dribbling in the background.

Ambassador Garden Home

Food: The dhal bhat plate, the country’s most popular cuisine, was fabulous.  Breakfasts were also great with three set options to choose from.  I personally loved the french press coffee brought to the table!

Vibe: They have melded the idea of a stuffy boutique hotel into a family hostel in a way.  The owners called you by your first name and frequently joined you in the garden, assisting with any travel needs you had.  As a frequent solo traveler, I loved how they introduced me to other people staying at the hotel.

Keep in Mind: It is still Thamel in Kathmandu.  It’s impossible to get rid of all of the noise, and you therefore will hear horns and music, but it stops at 11PM.

Ambassador Garden Home

Thank you Sherry for nominating the Ambassador Garden Home in Kathmandu!

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Comment from soldadores inverter
Time July 18, 2011 at 11:01 pm

I have experienced myself the hospitality of people in this part of Kathmandu last year.
It was an unforgettable voyage. I strongly recommend the place for anyone who wants to come to know new people, it’s quite recomforting!

Comment from Robert
Time January 29, 2012 at 10:03 pm

OMG! The place is really wonderful. I would love to stay there just for a 1 week vacation. :D

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